Millionaires Who Blog

Created by ron

Craig Newmark

Craig Newmark is the highly eccentric founder of He blogs about charity at and gets hardly any comments.

Guy Kawasaki

Guy was Apple's chief evangelist in it's earliest days and has been involved in several successful tech ventures since. His blog is at and covers a huge variety of topics.

Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins is one of the most successful figures of the self-help industry. His trademarks include the infomercials he uses to promote his products and the firewalking that occurs at his seminars. His blog is at

Alyssa Milano

Milano blogs in addition to tweeting:

Jordan Mechner

We don't know for sure that Jordan Mechner is a millionaire, but it sure seems like a good guess. In 1989, Mechner programmed a little computer game called "Prince of Persia" for the Apple II, one of the earliest personal computers. 21 years later, Prince of Persia is a multi-million dollar gaming franchise with upwards of 14 titles. Those character royalties must be worth quite a bit.

Mechner's blog is made up mostly of his drawings:

James Hong

One of the oldest user-generated content websites on the internet is, which allows users to post photos of themselves and be rated on a scale of 1 to 10 by other users. In fact, the founders of Youtube's original plan was to create a video version of HotOrNot. Over a decade after its launch, HotOrNot has made millions in profits and is still going steady--but the guy in the upper right part of that photograph gets comments numbering in the low single digits, if he's lucky: